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What’s in a name?


The H and R of Human Revolutions represent Human Resources - which is the foundation of what we do in achieving performance through people.


And we wanted a name that would reflect not just what we do, but how we do it – we deliver transformational services through transformational leadership. We aim to revolutionise the way a consultancy service can work with organisations - we are more than a consultant to you; we will become a business partner who is as committed to your organisation's success as you are.


We sense and share in the next evolutionary step for the organisations we work with - and through those

progressive developments we can achieve real change for you and your people.



Our Vision:


To transform employment practices in the UK, ensuring employers gain the very best from their people and that employees achieve the most out of their work.



Our Mission:


Delivering transformational HR, leadership and managementservices to employers that secures high performance for their organisation through excellence in people practices.



Our Values:






Social responsibility






Our People:


Human Revolutions is delivered by a collaborative partnership of senior expert practitioners in the field of HR, leadership, general management and occupational health. You don’t just get advice and guidance from consultants who know what to do – we also know how to do it, and we are keen to share our experience and learning from varied sectors.


Our partners have worked in senior management and director-level works in organisations across the public, private and charitable sectors. We are all qualified in our own areas of expertise, and all of our HR advice is delivered by qualified Chartered members of the Institute of Personnel and Development.


We are the coffee beans of change


There are three ways people deal with change and the adversity that can sometimes go with it. You can be a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean.


When each of these is placed in boiling water (adverstiy), they react very differently.


A carrot goes in hard and tough, but comes out soft and weak.


An egg goes in with a fluid and flexible centre, and comes out looking quite the same but very different on the inside.


And what about those coffee beans? A coffee bean takes the water and changes it instead of absorbing the impact. The coffee bean changes its environment.


Human Revolutions can supply you with your own coffee beans of change!




At Human Revolutions, we excel at what we do because we believe in the difference we make and enjoy what we do –

and we know that you will enjoy working with us.



We hold full professional indemnity insurance up to £1million.



Performance through People

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